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Discover the Pergola Théros, a significant innovation in outdoor design

Enhance your outdoor space with our new Theros pergola, a robust and elegant structure that stands out for its steel design, a first on the market dominated by aluminum. Designed to last, the Theros has a solid architecture with beam posts measuring 120 mm by 120 mm and a thickness of 4 mm, guaranteeing exceptional stability and durability.

The entire structure benefits from a metallized and powder-coated coating, offering not only maximum protection against the elements but also a refined aesthetic that will perfectly complement your garden or terrace. Generous dimensions of 6.13 meters by 3.08 meters, this pergola is also equipped with a 28 mm class 4 autoclave pine floor, adding a touch of naturalness.

The sides and rear of the pergola are clad in vertical class 4 autoclave pine wood, trendy and aesthetic, with the possibility of adding a shade sail roof.

Opt for the Theros pergola and invest in a sustainable design solution that will transform your exterior into a luxurious and welcoming haven of peace.

Theros 6130 mm x 3080 mm

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