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Welcome to Bati-Production, your preferred partner for environmentally friendly and innovative construction projects.

For several years, we have specialized in the construction of low-consumption houses, evolving from BBC standards towards the requirements of the RE2020 standard, with a focus on the use of metal frames.

As pioneers in the application of this construction system, we have developed unique know-how.


We favor the most common and efficient techniques, thus guaranteeing total compliance with current standards, including the Construction Code and seismic regulations.

Our expertise allows us to meet the specific needs of certain French departments, offering solutions adapted to each project, whether individual or collective buildings, private residences or tertiary premises.

The growth of modular homes today represents an important part of our activity, reflecting our ability to innovate and respond to a growing demand for modular, sustainable and accessible constructions. Thanks to our mastery of construction processes, we are also able to facilitate self-construction for those who wish to be more involved in the creation of their living space.

We invite you to discover our universe, where tradition and innovation meet to create living spaces adapted to your dreams and your requirements.


Explore our site to find out more about our services and how we can support you in carrying out your project

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