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Become an official reseller

Use all the communication tools developed to enable you to launch your activity as quickly as possible and rely on the reputation of the market leader brand.

Integrate Bati-Production products

Use all 100% customizable marketing materials and digital tools to simply and effectively launch this new product range.

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Reven, the brand of our distributors

Towards success and beyond.

Let us present to you the strategies and marketing materials designed for you, actors of the construction revolution. These supports have been developed in order to keep the thread

conduct unity and coherence throughout the territory in order to grow the

notoriety and confidence in the brand while allowing each new reseller to develop their sales as quickly as possible.

This file presents the supports, tools and strategy that we ask to use in order to

to be able to join the family of official Bati-Production resellers.

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Join the Reven family, a modern and designer brand.


                  A reseller charter

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