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The first insulation
simple and durable

Sustainable construction

In anti-corrosion galvanized steel, Bati-Production 's metal structure is designed to be durable over time. The metal does not require any special treatment (fungi, insects, bad weather, etc.).

Assembly in 3 days

Pre-fabricated in the factory, assembly is done on the ground before being raised and fixed. It remains accessible for handling without equipment. The site remains clean and dry.

A perfect coat for all seasons

The Syneris injected polyurethane insulation process is designed for thermal and sound renovation and waterproofing of facades.

A new life for facades

The system is made to adapt to all facades, whatever their nature or condition. It is then possible to install any type of cladding there.

Bati-Production has developed a product that is easy to apply and has unique energy performance.

Due to its technicality, this product adapts to all types of buildings and configurations:
Modernize and insulate your facade
Quick Installation - High energy performance.

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A social issue!
For 20,000,000 homes in France and
much more
in the entire Europe

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